A lovely day

A great day today – purification of body, mind and spirit – as well as the house!

I decided yesterday that this was the way I wanted to spend today so in preparation I spent an hour in a shop choosing exactly which white sage smudging bundle I preferred.  You can order this on line - but I wanted to choose for myself, I thought the man in the shop would think I was weird taking so long - picking up bundles and sniffing them, putting them down again until I finally made my choice. His response when I said he must think me weird or very fussy was to say that it was nice to see someone really taking the time to find just the right one!

I also planned and prepared for what I intended to eat and drink today, lots of water but also hot water with lemon and ginger.

I started the day with a meditation practice for the purification of the mind and set a positive intention for the day.

After breakfast I cleaned the house from top to bottom and made sure all the windows and doors were shut.

Starting at the bottom of the house and gradually working to the top I ‘cleansed’ every room with the sage smudging bundle. leaving the door closed when I had finished in the room.  Having waited 15 minutes after I finished I then opened all the doors and windows to allow the 'dirty' energy out - leaving the whole house not only looking clean but also 'feeling' clean.  If you’re not familiar with this practice the link below offer the scientific rationale for this practice and the ‘energy’ benefits.

Having a clear and positive intention in the mind during the process is important. Our mental intention determines the value and quality of all our actions.

After a light lunch I spent some time then enjoying the ‘clean’ environment I had created and contemplating what I wanted to achieve over the coming months.

After going to the gym I had another light meal and shower with lovely scented products and gave myself a mini facial. All set for whatever challenges might come along now.

It’s very beneficial to allocate ‘self care’ time into our busy lives – whatever form that care means to us individually.


The Science of Smudging: