About Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?

We may associate hypnosis with stage / television shows that we have seen, showing people being hypnotised and exhibiting bizare or unusual behaviour.

As a therapy, hypnosis is used to enable the client to reach a state of deep relaxation which enables a connection to be made between the conscious and sub-conscious self.  The client remains in control at all times and can choose to terminate this relaxed state at will.

The practitioner guides the healing journey according to the desired outcomes that have been discussed and agreed, however, the healing journey remains firmly with the client - all the answers we need can be found within ourselves, the practitioner is simply the facilitator of the journey.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful in addressing stress & anxiety, phobias, panic attacks , smoking cessation and weight loss and more.   My training covered techniques for helping in all of these areas - and more - as well as the benefits of 'Integrative Hypnotherapy' – using Hypnotherapy in conjunction with other therapies.

I trained in Hypnotherapy at the Christie Hospital in Manchester where Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy are integrated with traditional Western Medicine for the benefit of Cancer patients.