Emotional Eating and Ethical Hypnobanding

This is a 3 week program of learning that explores the emotional aspects of our relationships with food. A final, follow up session is then offered approximately 5 weeks after the learning program ends.

We all, from time to time, allow our emotions to drive what we choose to eat – sometimes consciously but at other times unconsciously. We might well refer to these occasions as ‘Comfort Eating’.

This program can help you to identify your emotional eating patterns and, from that understanding, help you to change your relationship with food.

The program is designed for groups of up to 6 people. The benefit of learning together in a group setting is that we all learn from the experiences of the whole group and the supportive bonds that are formed can be continued beyond the end of the course.

Each week a CD is provided for you to keep and use to support you.  Overview of the program:

Week 1

• Introduction to emotional eating
• Letting go of classic diet myths
• 'When I am slim’
• Charting  your personal Emotional Eating triggers and feelings
• Talking to the tummy
• Eating Mindfully exercise

Week 2

• Emotional Food Library
• Gauging fullness
• Understanding what your body really wants
• Eating Mindfully exercise

Week 3

• Understanding when ‘hunger’ isn’t really hunger
• Agreeing Value Based strategies
• Installing the Hypnoband
• Practising self-hypnosis

 Price per person: £150
3 learning sessions plus a follow up session
individual sessions are available, please contact us to discuss pricing