My Approach to Clients

I describe myself as a Complementary Health Practitioner rather than, for example,  a Reflexologist or Hypnotherapist because I prefer to be able to be open minded about what treatment(s) may best help a client to address their needs.  I will often blend therapies together  - for example using Hypnotherpeutic techniques to completely relax a client prior to using Facial Reflexology or Reiki - so that greater benefit can be derived.  With other clients I may use a mixture of Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage - particularly if circulation is an issue.

I see the initial consultation as extremely important, so that I can get a fully rounded picture of not just the presenting symptoms or concerns but a client's overall lifestyle, habits and working patterns.

So when you come to see me I will be interested in your sleeping patterns, timings of meals, what kind of diet you eat, the exercise you engage in .... all of these areas can impact overall health.

Whilst I am not a qualified Nutritional Therapist, so cannot 'prescribe' dietary changes, I have been studying nutrition and dietary impacts on health since I undertook the Nutrition module of my original Reflexology training in 2006/7.  So I will discuss with you what is deemed to constitute a healthy diet and recommend books that you might find interesting to be able to understand the importance of diet, exercise and sleep on our health.

The 'gut' is often described as the second brain - did you know that the gut produces in excess of 90% of the seratonin that we need - and if it isn't 'fed' (literally!) with the right foods then it can't produce properly all that is needed - and seratonin levels are critical to a feeling of wellbeing.  We need Melatonin to sleep properly - but if our Seratonin levels are not suffucient then we can't produce the necessary amount of Melatonin!

The human body is an incredibly complex 'machine' with so many interdependancies - offering a treatment based on a certain set of symptoms may not necessarily lead to the long term benefit of achieving homeostasis - balance thoughout the systems of the body.